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Deep insights and strong conviction

Our public equity team applies deep domain expertise and a long-term perspective to identify compelling opportunities globally, investing in both publicly-traded and pre-IPO companies.

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About Bain Capital Public Equity

Founded by Bain Capital as Brookside Capital in 1996, Bain Capital Public Equity is a global equity investment manager applying a deep set of insights to both public and private investments. We are principal investors who employ a fundamental, bottom-up research process to identify the best investment opportunities around the world. We tackle analysis with open minds and a rigorous approach focusing on industry attractiveness, competitive positioning, and overall management capability. Rooted in a belief that businesses create value over a multi-year time horizon, we develop deep partnerships leading to stronger conviction around our investments.

Our Approach

Fundamental analysis and bottom-up stock picking.

Fundamental analysis and bottom-up stock picking.

We employ a fundamental bottom-up research process, which emphasizes primary due diligence and field-based research to gain conviction around our investment ideas.

Long term track record of success.

Alignment of interests.

As the largest investor in our strategies, our people are strongly aligned with our investors, sharing the goal of maximizing returns over a full market cycle.

Fundamental analysis and bottom-up stock picking.

Multi-year investment horizon.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that businesses create value over a multi-year time horizon. For each industry of focus, we seek to identify the ‘big ideas’ and define the variables that will drive real value over time.

Investment Team

We are a team of investment professionals with deep industry expertise and diverse backgrounds and experiences. Many of our team members have management consulting or operating backgrounds. We find this type of experience enables us to have deeper, more substantive and strategic dialogues with management teams about how they are driving change in their organizations and creating long-term value for shareholders.

Should you wish to gain access to our client portal for a full review of biographies, please reach out to our Investor Relations team through the Contact Us link.

Our approach employs rigorous field-based research, combining deep analytics with the experience we have developed as consultants, operators and investors. Importantly, our longer-term horizon allows us to be patient and take a true partnership approach to investing.

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