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City Year Corps Member of the Month: June 2019: Mohammed Abdulkadir

Name: Mohammed Abdulkadir

School serving: Lauriston Primary School, City Year UK

Hometown: White City, London

What made you decide to join City Year?

I joined City Year UK to help others and to enable disadvantaged children to reach their full potential. I was also curious about seeing education through the perspectives of teachers and staff around the school. Having just come out of school, I found myself with a bit of time before university and wanted to do something different, and I'm very glad I found City Year.

Why are you committed to serving with City Year?

I want to strive to be a positive role model and impactful tutor to my mentees at Lauriston Primary School. I want to help the kids who simply don't have the people or resources around them do better inside and outside the classroom. I have also felt myself change due to this experience. The relentless positivity and energy of this kids around me and their various strange ways of communicating their feelings towards each other has been captivating to me. I've learned a lot about myself.

How do you know you are making a difference?

I am always surprised by how many kids come up to me to express their appreciation for me being here, whether it's helping them to calm down after a tantrum or helping to solve their break time dilemmas. I'm also constantly positively reminded of the work that City Year corps members are involved in. Teachers are always thankful for what we do.

What does it mean to you to have Bain Capital sponsor your team?

I recently had a great interview day at the Bain Capital offices in London. It was fantastic, although a little nerve-wracking at first. They gave me some pointers on body language and interview style as well as a really detailed look through my CV, which was greatly appreciated.

Please share a Starfish Story.

One of my students in my Y3 class, who has been expelled from schools in the past due to his anger issues, has really begun to change his behavior and attitude to being in class. He enjoys me helping him with his work and calming him down when he gets angry. When he would previously refuse to come into class and throw tantrums regularly, he is now always happy to see me around the school and do his work in class. He used to constantly say, loudly, how much he hated school. I have helped him to calm down and to view irritating experiences more positively.