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Bain Capital Private Equity Associate Committed to Healing a Child’s Heart


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Bain Capital Private Equity Associate Committed to Healing a Child’s Heart

​In 2014, London-based Michele Tarawneh, a Bain Capital Private Equity Associate, co-founded Healing a Child's Heart (HCH), a nonprofit that provides free surgery to children in the Middle East born with congenital heart diseases and living in refugee camps in northern Jordan.

Michele took inspiration from his Jordanian father's humanitarian work as part of a team that provided medical care to Palestinian refugee infants flown to Italy. While Michele wanted to drive similar impact, he realized that by treating children in Jordan and leveraging the proximity to refugee camps and lower cost of healthcare infrastructure, doctors could perform six times as many surgeries with the same amount of money.

He co-founded the nonprofit with heart surgeon Giancarlo Crupi, who performs most surgeries in Jordan and recruits teams of doctors from all over the world assembled on a mission-by-mission basis. Michele's work is focused on fundraising, partnerships, mission planning and building awareness so that more patients can be served.

Since inception, HCH has performed 41 free life-saving surgeries to refugee children facing congenital heart conditions. HCH has also provided education on pediatric heart surgery to Jordanian doctors, which over time should increase the quality and availability of care.

For more information, visit or watch a video here :​

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