COVID-19 Response

Record-setting production of 1.2 billion doses of pharmaceuticals and allocation of medical supplies to healthcare facilities across Europe

Unprecedented Production Volume for an Unprecedented Crisis

Stada set a record with production volume increased by 10% in March, resulting in the output of more than 1.2 billion individual units of critical cancer therapies, transplantation drugs and cardiovascular medicines for essential treatment, as well as ibuprofen and cold medicines.

Supporting frontline healthcare organizations with tailored donations and services

STADA is adopting a localized, targeted strategy to support the fight against COVID-19 by donating critical medical supplies across 12 countries in Europe. Among the donations are 50,000 masks to Doctors Without Borders, 150 patient monitors to facilities in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, €500,000 of essential medicines such as antibiotics and antihypertensives for Russian hospitals, and 23,000 first aid packs to hospitals, medical facilities and pharmacies in Spain.

About Stada

STADA (SAZ:GR) is a leading European manufacturer of prescription generics and over-the-counter medicine, with a presence across more than 120 markets and leading positions in key countries.


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