COVID-19 Response

Helping manufacturers scale and retool production to increase the output of essential items including masks, PPE and ventilators

Assisting manufacturers of medical supplies to scale-up production

Vention is providing free design, next-day shipping, and commissioning support to medical supply manufacturers who are looking to scale-up the production of critical equipment.

All-hands on deck to with manufacturers to fight COVID-19

Vention is also readily deploying its engineering teams to support more traditional manufacturers that want to retool their facilities to contribute to relief production efforts. To date, the company has completed twelve projects to assist companies like West Michigan Molding, to create social distancing barriers that ensure the safety of its operators and Haply, to develop a low-cost ventilator that can be assembled on site in less than 40 minutes.

Company blog post

Reopen your factory quickly & safely with Vention’s modular hardware

About Vention

Vention helps some of the most innovative manufacturers automate their production floors in just a few days. Vention’s online-first manufacturing automation platform lets clients design, program, order, and commission automated equipment directly from their web browsers. Vention is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and is used in over 1,000 factories on three continents.


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