Expanding Access to Care and Improving Patient Outcomes

As of yearend 2021, we have added more than 130,000 jobs across our healthcare portfolio companies since initial investment and have more than 149,000 current healthcare portfolio company employees.

Case Study

At Bain Capital, successful healthcare investing is about expanding access to care and improving quality and outcomes for patients and healthcare consumers. With more than three decades of experience, we have seen firsthand how evolving regulatory and payer dynamics, trends in medical practice, technology and new consumer models are shaping the future of healthcare.

We build companies with the conviction that the key to strong business and patient outcomes is people throughout the organization. The COVID-19 crisis made clear the impact that dedicated, talented people can have on the well-being of a population, from frontline healthcare workers delivering care to the most vulnerable to pharmaceutical R&D teams racing to develop game-changing vaccines.

Healthcare skills at all levels of the industry are in finite supply – meaning that the ability to attract and retain the best talent can make the difference between merely participating in a healthcare sector and leading it. As such, when we make a new healthcare investment where we have significant influence, one of our first moves is to ensure a senior focus on employees by empowering the Chief Human Resources Officer, creating a trickle-down awareness that people are the center of growth plans.

Across our investments, we make concerted effort to demonstrate our care for the needs of frontline staff, partnering with companies to strengthen relationships between caregivers, patients and communities, and energizing employees to provide high-quality patient care.