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We believe we can create durable, scalable impact through who we are, what we value and how we engage. By nature, we are critical thinkers, problem solvers and doers, and we will not leave the issues of our time for the next generation to solve. Reflecting on the urgency and magnitude of ongoing challenges across the globe, we are inspired to do more. We commit and aspire to intentionally add value to both people and our planet, while upholding our fiduciary responsibility to achieve outsized returns for our investors.

John Connaughton
Creating positive, lasting impact has always been central to our purpose and values. It drives our partnership with management teams to build better businesses that fulfill their potential. As active investors, we are enthusiastic about our ability to advance ideas that drive strong returns and positive outcomes.
John Connaughton, Co-Managing Partner
John Connaughton
The proactive integration of ESG in our investment approach helps us to create long-term sustainable business models, build diverse and inclusive teams, and drive outcomes that add value to our investments, people, and our planet.
Jonathan Lavine, Co-Managing Partner

Our Core ESG Commitments

We take an active approach to considering ESG-related factors and have prioritized our efforts in areas where we believe we can have meaningful, measurable impact over the long-term. We take a holistic approach to ESG, and in this spirit, we have defined core ESG commitments in five key areas where we believe our impact can be greatest.

Active Governance & Stewardship

Promote active and engaged governance, holding ourselves accountable for driving value with high integrity in partnership with our investments and portfolio companies.

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Sustainable Growth & Reducing Climate Impact

Reduce emissions and improve resource efficiency, embedding sustainability into our companies and rigorously measuring the resulting impact over time.

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Fair Employment, Engagement & Well-being

Lead by example and empower our businesses to treat employees with fairness and respect, building an environment and culture that at its core promotes employee safety, well-being and engagement.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Champion DEI and drive meaningful progress by cultivating a highperformance culture that advances diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Community Engagement

Encourage and support efforts to engage and contribute to their communities, locally and across the globe.

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Tricia Winton
We know integrating ESG strengthens our businesses and investments. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to stretch and think bigger about how to drive real improvements and resilience. We’re seeing more employees who want to work at companies that think about their impact through a holistic, long-term lens. Ultimately, we are working together to drive positive outcomes across our investment approach and throughout the firm.
Tricia Winton, Partner and Global Head of ESG

Key Sustainability Themes

Across Bain Capital, we are acutely aware of the urgency and magnitude of the ongoing challenges across the globe, including climate change and social justice. We believe addressing these risks and opportunities helps enhance our ability to drive financial returns. We’ve identified three main areas where we can make a meaningful difference in sustainability:

As ongoing urgency around climate action grows across the world, we find ourselves at an inflection point. Rising sea levels, prolonged droughts, unprecedented wildfires, and increased extinction rates are just a handful of proof points supporting the need to catalyze innovative solutions. Globally, leaders are focusing on decarbonization, spurring momentum for new investment opportunities and the formation of new partnerships. A 2022 McKinsey analysis found that capital spending to reach net zero emissions would need to increase from $5.7 trillion annually today to $9.2 trillion annually over the next three decades. This massive capital need will likely fuel rapid innovation and growth, and revolutionize the way businesses create value across industries.

At Bain Capital, we recognize our power to invest in, support, and grow innovative solutions that address the problems of today and build a more sustainable tomorrow.

Building resilience into our strategies, portfolio companies, and investments drives value creation. At Bain Capital, we help the management teams we invest in face business challenges head-on, withstand shocks, overcome adversity, and continuously adapt. For us, resilience is about more than merely addressing risks—it’s about reinventing in response to disruption and creating new business opportunities along the way. Our approach encompasses a growth-mindset and active strategy based on flexibility.

Passionate about evolving business models and products to be more environmentally conscious, we seek to transform conventional ways of living, working, and doing through our investments—enabling the progress the world needs.

At Bain Capital, we believe a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives is vital to building thriving businesses, engaging talent, and driving strong financial returns. In cultivating this inclusivity across our own business, as well as our portfolio companies, we aim to lead by example—bringing a wider range of voices to the table to foster learning environments, promote creativity, and enable better outcomes.

Integrating ESG

In our Investment Approach

At Bain Capital, we anchor our investment decision-making in strategic, fact-based due diligence that considers a broad range of risks and value levers, including those related to ESG factors. We seek to understand investment opportunities holistically, taking into account strategies, products, services and business practices. Our investment teams strive to assess key ESG diligence findings, elevate material risks and opportunities for discussion with investment committees and articulate potential ESG areas of focus for post-investment blueprinting and monitoring.

In Portfolio Management

We believe embedding ESG into business strategy and responsible operations is an integral part of our approach to creating value and growing great businesses. Post-investment, we are committed to driving meaningful progress across our core ESG commitments and improving performance on material ESG factors specific to each business. As investors and global citizens, we strive to support our environment and society by harnessing the influence of our firm, investments and people.

ESG is integral to Bain Capital. Globally, we challenge ourselves to grow in ways that will stand the test of time. To achieve this, we ensure our investments align with our values and work to create lasting impact—all while driving strong financial returns.
Michael Ward, Partner, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
We’ve made great progress across each of our core ESG commitments, especially in the “social” category. Our team at Bain Capital and the people across our portfolio companies are our greatest strength, and we continue to create avenues for individual growth, development, and advancement. We are supporting critical DEI initiatives, encouraging collaboration and inclusivity, and fostering a high-performance culture—all of which are key to keeping our people growing and engaged.
Nancy Lotane, Partner, Chief Human Resources Officer
Bain Capital is deeply committed to combating climate change—not just because it’s important, but also because it drives real value and resilience within our companies. When we acquire a business, we bring environmental strategies into its operations to reduce carbon emissions, while leaning into renewable energy and sustainable materials—and these are things we all should be doing.
David Gross-Loh, Partner, Private Equity
We are focused on bringing high-performing teams together to make great investment decisions, and on partnering with the diverse management teams of our portfolio companies to have lasting impact.
David Humphrey, Partner, Private Equity
Leveraging ESG data strengthens our diligence and allows us to monitor how the ESG performance of our portfolios evolves over time.
Jeff Hawkins, Partner, Credit
Having the opportunity through our ownership of companies to partner with management to improve that company on every dimension, including ESG, is a real privilege, and one that I personally find very motivating.
Stuart Gent, Partner, Private Equity
In Double Impact, we are passionate about partnering with mission-driven companies and guiding them through transformational growth. With our ability to guide those management teams and help them optimize the resources they need to scale, we create strong financial results, as well as long-lasting impact.
Todd Cook, Partner, Double Impact
Our founders are passionate about bringing and accelerating new ideas to the market. At every stage, we partner with founders to help them realize their vision and to scale businesses that achieve sustained growth.
Matt Harris, Partner, Ventures
Our choices will shape the built environment for generations. As stewards of the communities in which we live and invest, we seek to develop resilient assets that generate financial and social value over the long term.
Ben Brady, Partner, Real Estate
We believe sustainability considerations are critical to the long-term ability of our businesses to grow, and also to the sustainability of their underlying profit pools.
Joshua Ross, Partner, Public Equity
We're excited to be deeply integrating our core ESG principles into our investment and portfolio management efforts—and to be supporting firm-wide progress in this critical area.
Phil Meicler, Partner, Tech Opportunities
Our Life Sciences team invests in companies that enable innovation across the value chain—improving the lives of patients and employees, while simultaneously driving strong business performance.
Adam Koppel, Partner, Life Sciences
The Environmental Markets Opportunities strategy is comprised of investments that we believe are attractive and will have a positive impact on the world. These two tenets reflect our values at Bain Capital.
Colin Campbell, Partner, Partnership Strategies




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