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Former Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick Joins Bain Capital to Launch New Business Focused on Investments with Significant Social Impact

April 13, 2015

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BOSTON – April 14, 2015 – Bain Capital, a leading global private investment firm, today announced that former Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick will join the firm to found a new business that will focus on delivering attractive financial returns by investing in projects with significant, measurable social impact. Patrick will lead the new business and serve as a Managing Director of Bain Capital. He officially joins the firm today.

This new business will focus on “double bottom line” investments that improve overall quality of life or that create economic opportunities in communities which are economically distressed, overlooked by investors or otherwise in need of investment capital. As Governor, Patrick was a pioneer in the use of social impact bonds and other initiatives to attract capital to address social and economic challenges. It is anticipated that this business will provide similar innovative capital solutions with significant measurable social impact across a broad array of asset classes, including private equity, venture, mezzanine, public markets and real estate.

“Bain Capital is widely recognized as both an innovative investment firm and a philanthropic and community leader,” said Patrick, who will be based at the firm's Boston office. “I am thrilled to work with such a dedicated team to connect these two strengths, and I am confident that we can find compelling investments that deliver both attractive financial returns and positive social outcomes.”

"Governor Patrick brings deep experience and superior judgment accumulated during a distinguished career in law, business and public service, and we are honored to welcome him to Bain Capital," said Michael Ward, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Bain Capital. "He has unique insights into what creates real impact and drives ultimate success with social projects in underserved communities.“

Investments will be mainly focused in the U.S., but will not be limited by geography, and will leverage Bain Capital’s network of offices and relationships around the world. The business is expected to pursue investment opportunities with significant, measurable social impact in education, health, energy, environment and neighborhood development.

The establishment of this business builds on Bain Capital’s 30-year record of investment success and civic engagement by delivering capital that will improve overall economic health and well-being. The new business continues Bain Capital’s heritage of founding and growing new business units organically across both geographies and multiple asset classes. The firm’s other business units are Bain Capital Private Equity, Bain Capital Ventures, Bain Capital Public Equity and Bain Capital Credit.

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This press release has been updated to reflect the new business unit names, "Bain Capital Credit," which was changed from "Sankaty Advisors," and "Bain Capital Public Equity," which was changed from "Brookside Capital."