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Only About Children advances leadership in early childhood education with significant investment from Bain Capital Private Equity

August 26, 2016

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SYDNEY, August 26, 2016 – Only About Children (Oac) today announced that Bain Capital Private Equity has invested into its early childhood education and development business. The investment will support Oac’s continued leadership in the childcare industry with a focus on service, innovation and growth. 

Oac CEO, Brendan McAssey, said that the majority investment by Bain Capital Private Equity, one of the world’s leading private investment firms, reflected Oac’s success as a leader in early childhood education and development.

“Oac is committed to delivering inspired, holistic childcare which goes beyond education to encompass the health and total wellbeing of every child in our care. 

"The investment by Bain Capital Private Equity not only reflects Oac’s premium positioning in the market, but it is also a boost for the Australian early childhood education industry as we are gaining a partner with significant international expertise,” Mr McAssey said. 

Bain Capital Private Equity has invaluable insight into early education and development through its nearly 30 years of involvement with Bright Horizons – a large top-tier early childhood provider in the United States that the firm has worked with since its inception, and more recently with Rise Education, a leading provider of after school English language programs for children in China. 

Warren Valdmanis, a managing director of Bain Capital Private Equity, said that Oac’s offering in the Australian market had been recognised as world-class with its unique 21st century approach to childcare. 

“We have been impressed with Oac’s business and its leadership in the Australian market and we are committed to ensuring Oac maintains its premium positioning, growth trajectory and innovation agenda.

“We see tremendous potential in the Australian early childhood education industry and are strong advocates of providing further development and opportunities for children during the early stages of their lives,” Mr Valdmanis said. 

Through its increased presence in Australia, supported by a strong team of experienced professionals, Bain Capital Private Equity is looking forward to working with Oac to utilise its global experience within this industry and continue to help Oac grow its leading position through creating opportunities for children, investing in the local communities and providing further employment prospects. 

Oac has established its premium positioning in the Australian marketplace through its innovative custom environments for children to safely play and learn. Together with the Oac Grow curriculum, Oac Health services, Oac Nutrition and Oac Active programs, as well as the new Oac CONNECT IT platform, Oac has created a world-leading offering designed to give children the best possible preparation for life.

“We are excited about the benefits Bain Capital will bring to our business and the future of Oac with our new partner on board,” Mr McAssey said. 

Oac founder and CEO Brendan McAssey will maintain a minority shareholding in the business given his interest and dedication to early childhood learning.

About Oac™ 

Inspired early learning 

With over a decade of experience in childcare , running various campuses under a number of different names, the company rebranded in 2012 under the one name of Only About Children (Oac). Oac now operates 31 early years learning and preschool campuses for 0-6 year olds throughout Sydney and Melbourne. 

It’s a unique, 21st century approach to childcare and gives children the platform they need to thrive. It’s an approach that goes beyond education to encompass the health and total wellbeing of every child in Oac’s care

Oac’s offering is unique amongst childcare providers. We have redefined childcare for the 21st Century offering a combination of education and health services for children under 6 that is unparalleled anywhere else in the country. In this 21st Century world, parents are time poor and therefore the ability to have a “one stop shop” for their children’s health and education needs has been warmly endorsed by our families.

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