Scaling innovation in life science

Our team draws on deep industry expertise, clinical insights and cross-asset class investing experience to drive advances in therapeutics, diagnostics and tools to improve the lives of patients with unmet medical needs.

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About Life Sciences

Since 1984, Bain Capital has employed a strategic, analytical approach to identify attractive investment opportunities and partner with management teams to transform and improve their businesses. During this time, Bain Capital has developed global reach, deep expertise and a proven track record in the life sciences industries across its Private Equity, Public Equity, Credit, and Ventures business units.

The differentiated skillset of Bain Capital’s team enables it to pursue opportunities created by several long-term trends in healthcare. In particular, these trends are creating an increased need for targeted capital and value-added strategic support of companies around their critical phases of growth, during which they must prove their clinical and business value.

Bain Capital Life Sciences pursues investments in biopharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics and enabling life science technology companies globally. The team focuses on companies that both drive medical innovation across the value chain and enable that innovation to improve the lives of patients with unmet medical needs.

Guiding Principles

Bain Capital Life Sciences seeks to create differentiated value by identifying investments across a broad spectrum of opportunities:

One of the world’s leading global long/short equity managers.

Targeting companies that drive innovation across the healthcare value chain

Fundamental analysis and bottom-up stock picking.

Bringing breakthrough advances to market that improve the lives of patients

Multi-year investment horizon.

Enabling efficient use of capital through rigorous diligence, asset selection and value-added support

“Bain Capital Life Sciences provides targeted and value-added support to pursue innovation that improves the lives of patients.”

Focused strategy across four themes of investments

Bain Capital Life Sciences targets four types of investment opportunities:

Inflection Capital

Engagement with companies at the critical development stages of innovation

Growth Capital

Partnering with companies to accelerate and expand platforms

Fallen Angels

Engaging with companies at a crossroads to create value.

Larger Private Equity

Collaborating with the Bain Capital platform to invest in and support larger companies