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Bain Capital Hosts Virtual Cultural Exchange between City Year Boston and City Year UK

In June, Bain Capital hosted a virtual cultural exchange between one of the Bain Capital-sponsored Boston schools, Grew Elementary, and the Bain Capital-sponsored UK school, Lauriston Primary.  Students had the opportunity to connect with one another through a video conference to learn about what school and life are like on the other side of the pond.

The exchange started by each student going around to introduce themselves and giving one fun fact.  Then, the corps members ran an icebreaker where the students were asked to "Stand up if…".  In this exercise, the students learned that, even though they live 3,269 miles (5,261 km) apart, they really aren't so different, including the fact that many students in London and in Boston speak more than one language and that they all enjoy playing Fortnite.

After the icebreaker, students were given the chance to ask one another questions.  Boston students learned that London has a Queen and a Prime Minister and the London students learned that when they come to Boston, they need to try hamburgers. They also took turns attempting to mimic one another's accents.

The students were also surprised that City Year is in both Boston and London and seemed genuinely excited that students so far away were receiving the same benefits they are.

ll in all, it was an inspiring morning (Boston) /afternoon (London). The students love being in the Bain Capital offices and several mentioned the desire to come work for Bain Capital when they get older.

Thank you to the Bain Capital teams in Boston and London for making this happen and thank you to City Year for facilitating!  Click here to see all of the photos from the morning in Boston.