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Support for Ukraine

Conflict between armed groups and government forces in eastern Ukraine has affected millions of people since 2014. Since Russia launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, fighting has led to significant civilian casualties. Millions of people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance and to date, over 7.5 million Ukrainians have been driven from their homes by fighting, seeking refuge elsewhere in the country and crossing borders to neighboring European countries. This is the largest armed conflict in Europe since 1945.

In response to this urgent situation, Bain Capital’s partners have committed at least $500,000 towards relief efforts and support in Ukraine. To date, we have made donations to Caritas International, Europe Prykhystok, Fondazione Francesca Rava - N.P.H. Italia Onus, Global Aid Network, Healthcare4Ukraine, International Medical Corps and World Central Kitchen.

Caritas International is an international humanitarian and development organization. Our donation will support Caritas Poland’s efforts to aid Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries, namely Poland, Moldova, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Caritas has installed “tents of hope” where refugees receive hot drinks & meals, duvets, sleeping bags and psychological support. Social workers are also organizing activities for children to give mothers time to rest.

Europe Prykhystok is a European effort initiated in April 2022 in France, Ukraine and Poland to support people fleeing war in Ukraine. Our donation will allow a group of children from Ukraine to go to France for three weeks, including safe transportation to and from Ukraine, to give them a chance to breath from the horrors of war and gather strength.

Fondazione Francesca Rava – N.P.H. Italia Onlus is an Italian charitable organization whose mission is to provide help and aid to children and adolescents in vulnerable conditions, fragile mothers and women in Italy and worldwide. Our donation will guarantee weekly food deliveries and recreational outings to Ukrainian families currently seeking refuge in Italy.

Global Aid Network is an international humanitarian aid organization that has been providing aid, development and disaster response around the world since 1990. Over the past few months, Global Aid Network has delivered over 1,000 tons of groceries, essential hygiene items, beds, mattresses and blankets to over 400,000 Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine and in refugee camps in neighboring countries.

Healthcare4Ukraine is a Netherlands-based organization supporting hospitals in Ukraine with a continuous supply of medicines and medical devices. They are able to get resources to the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital in Lviv, where there is a close-knit distribution network for onward delivery to other hospitals, mental health institutions and mother & child clinics in Ukraine. One truck full of medicine and medical devices costs approximately €250,000. Our donation will go directly to purchasing medicine and medical devices.

International Medical Corps, is providing primary and emergency health services from medical professionals, mental health and psychosocial support, gender-based violence response services, increased protection of women and children and COVID-19 prevention and awareness services. The IMC’s efforts are particularly critical given the emerging refugee crisis stemming from the flight of thousands of Ukrainians. Our firm last partnered with International Medical Corps in 2020 to support relief efforts following the port explosion in Beirut.

World Central Kitchen is serving millions of fresh meals to Ukrainian families fleeing home as well as people remaining in the country. Now, as more people are returning to Ukraine, WCK is focusing their efforts on providing hundreds of thousands of fresh meals and tens of thousands of food kits each day. They are reaching hundreds of cities including areas under fire, recently liberated towns and communities hosting refugees. Bain Capital has previously partnered with World Central Kitchen to support relief efforts both in Ukraine earlier this year as well as in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria in 2018 and in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will provide additional grants to other organizations assisting in Ukraine as the long-term needs become clearer.