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Mumbai Team Members Run Tata Mumbai Marathon for Toybank

In January, 10 employees from the Mumbai office and their friends and family participated in the Tata Mumbai Marathon to raise funds for Toybank. Rishi Mandawat ran the half marathon, Pawan Singh, Aniket Shandilya, and Kaushal Mehta ran the 10km, and the rest of the team participated in the Dream Run category. 

Toybank believes investing in the mental development of at-risk children through early childhood development programs ensures that they have the right stimulation and nurturing for a better perspective towards life in their adulthood. The organization develops programs and initiatives particularly focusing on the behavioral and mental growth of at-risk children in their most impressionable years of life.

Toybank collaborates with institutions in Urban and Rural India by setting up Play Centers within their premises and conducts educational play sessions, team building activities and other development workshops at these libraries through board games and toys.


Founded in 2004, Toybank started by distributing toys to over 1,500 children in Mumbai on Children's Day. Since then, through partnerships with companies, schools and housing societies, and by opening play centers throughout India, Toybank has been able to reach over 1,000,000 children.

Of the day, Amit Chandra said, "What was particularly heartwarming is getting together to support Toybank, a wonderful organization that works with over 50,000 children, via the run.  I want to thank every member of the team who made this possible but particularly acknowledge Kaushal for his awesome coordination of this event."