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Support for disaster relief in Australia

Australia is currently experiencing the worst fire season it has seen in decades. It is estimated that about 10 million hectares (or 24 million acres) have burned in the very populated states of New South Wales and Victoria. To date, at least 29 people have been killed, more than 2,500 homes destroyed and an estimated 1 billion animals have perished or are facing starvation or dehydration in devastated habitats. 

While none of our Australia-based Bain Capital employees or their families have been directly impacted by the bushfires, many in our firm know people who have been impacted by this disaster.  The loss of human life, property, animals, and in some cases the potential loss of whole ecosystems, is tragic.    
In response to this profound and urgent disaster, we are committing $100,000 from the Bain Capital Relief Fund to support three organizations at the forefront of the recovery and firefighting effort: The Australian Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service, and Victoria’s County Fire Authority.  At the moment, the lack of food, shelter and water for those displaced and the need to continue to fight and contain the bushfires are two of the most urgent issues in Australia.  These organizations are directly addressing those critical matters.


Organizations supporting relief in Australia 

Australian Red Cross
Bain Capital will provide $50,000 to the Australian Red Cross, an affiliate of the global nonprofit that provides relief in times of crises and help when it is needed most. The Australian Red Cross is coordinating on the ground disaster relief including evacuations, relief centers, food hampers, and deploying emergency teams where they are needed.  They are also providing grants to families who have lost their homes and have a three-year bushfire recover plan in place for impacted communities.

NSW Rural Fire Service
Bain Capital will also provide $25,000 to NSW Rural Fire Service, the lead combat agency for bushfires in New South Wales and the largest volunteer fire service in the world. The NSW RFS is actively working to contain the bushfires in the state, collecting data to assist in firefighting operations and working through impacted areas to assess the damage to properties.

Victoria’s Country Fire Authority
Bain Capital will also provide $25,000 to Victoria’s County Fire Authority, a volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organization in the State of Victoria. Victoria's Country Fire Authority is actively working to contain the bushfires in Victoria and provide critical emergency information to impacted communities 

About the Bain Capital Relief Fund
The Bain Capital Relief Fund builds on the firm’s long history of supporting disaster relief efforts in response to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Fukushima and numerous other incidents. The fund was seeded with contributions from Bain Capital managing directors and employees, and grants are deployed to nonprofit organizations delivering humanitarian relief and ongoing reconstruction assistance in response to major crises that occur around the world. Since inception, the Relief Fund has provided $850,000 to nonprofit organizations supporting relief and reconstruction after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Michael in Florida, the Camp wildfire in northern California, Cyclone Idai in Southern Africa, flooding in Nebraska, Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and the bushfires in Australia.