Haiti Development Institute’s (HDI) Earthquake Response Fund

Haiti Development Institute (HDI) empowers local leaders, organizations, and social entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, resources and connections they need to lead community development. They help the philanthropic community connect to these organizations and support truly Haitian-led development efforts. They also support communities to convene public and private stakeholders around community planning efforts.

Haiti Development Institute (HDI) received a grant from the Bain Capital Relief Fund in October 2021 to their Earthquake Response Fund following an earthquake that had devastated much of Southern Haiti. HDI has supported many organizations in the quake area since 2010 with grants and coaching to strengthen their poverty-fighting programs. By channeling disaster assistance to local Haitian organizations with roots and boots in the affected communities, they work to strengthen community institutions that will be there to drive full recovery - from immediate response through reconstruction to prosperity. Initially, the fund will provide temporary shelters, food, potable water, medical care, and hygiene products, as well as assistance in enrolling children in school for the new year. Funds will later be put towards community recovery and reconstruction priorities to include helping families rebuild their homes and helping communities rebuild infrastructure like schools, clinics, bridges and community spaces.

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