Attracting and Retaining the Best Care Providers

Case Study

Arosa, a Double Impact portfolio company, combines in-home assisted living services with elder care management services. The company empowers seniors to stay in their own homes longer by supporting them in their daily tasks, while providing general wellbeing oversight, lowering costs of care, and making it easier to coordinate their specific healthcare needs.

Part of the company’s mission is to attract and retain the best care professionals in the industry. But doing so demands more than merely offering competitive pay and benefits. It’s why Arosa is rolling out an innovative approach to hiring, training, and development.

Arosa’s comprehensive training helps caregivers feel equipped to handle the physical and emotional aspects of care, in addition to teaching them how to work with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. A separate mentorship program establishes clear pathways for employees’ continued career development. In recognition of their commitment and innovative approach, Arosa was recently awarded a grant from the California Department of Aging to further invest and expand its talent retention and development efforts.

Today, Arosa operates in nine states and employs more than 1,000 caregivers across the country. In a field with incredibly high turnover rates, the organization is well positioned to harness lessons learned from its West Coast approach—sharing and scaling these programs across its network to attract and retain indispensable talent.

Todd Cook
In Double Impact, we are passionate about partnering with mission-driven companies and guiding them through transformational growth. With our ability to guide those management teams and help them optimize the resources they need to scale, we create strong financial results, as well as long-lasting impact.
Todd Cook, Partner, Double Impact
Ari Medoff
At Arosa, we believe that creating better jobs for our care professionals results in better care for our clients and their families. We combine these two priorities in our culture and our approach to deliver an elevated experience for both groups.
Ari Medoff, Chief Executive Officer, Arosa