Positive Company & Community Growth

Case Study

A sustainable outdoor apparel company that creates Gear For Good®, Cotopaxi is dedicated to driving inclusive growth—from the inside, out. Since Cotopaxi became part of the Bain Capital Double Impact portfolio in 2021, our team has partnered closely with the business to strengthen and expand its existing impact initiatives, so its own people and other communities will thrive.

Internally, Cotopaxi is committed to cultivating an inviting, welcoming culture for its workforce. Supported by our Double Impact partnership, it has developed a comprehensive DEI strategy and set targets for improvement. Today, 50% of the company’s external governing board and 55% of its leadership at the vice president-level and above identify as female and/or black, indigenous, or people of color. Across its supply chain, Cotopaxi also sets a high bar from an ethics perspective—choosing factories that adhere to strict industry standards for workers’ rights, health, and safety. And externally, Cotopaxi gives 1% of its annual product revenue to the Cotopaxi Foundation, which provides grants to nonprofits supporting communities experiencing extreme poverty.

Beyond these efforts to foster inclusivity and integrity, Cotopaxi remains laser-focused on accelerating its sustainability practices. The company makes 97% of its products from what it calls the “the three R’s”—remnant, recycled, or responsibly-made materials—and it’s working to increase that total to 100% by 2025. In addition, the company financially contributed to a carbon “insetting” project that helped one of its largest suppliers transition to 100% solar energy.

Within Cotopaxi’s organization, there’s an inherent link between its scale and its impact, further proving Double Impact’s core strategy: that purpose and profit can fuel one another.

Cecilia Chao
Impact is intrinsic to Cotopaxi’s business model: from how it makes products to its commitment to fighting extreme poverty and its pledge to achieve carbon neutrality. Together, these actions exemplify the kind of all-inclusive, authentic business model that we—and consumers—love.
Cecilia Chao, Partner, Double Impact
Davis Smith
We believe that helping people and the planet are inextricably linked. Partnering with the Double Impact team has helped us scale and align our efforts, so we can build our brand and do more good in the world.
Davis Smith, Founder & CEO, Cotopaxi