A Pioneering Food Preparation Company Leading the Way in Workplace Culture

Case Study

Premium foods company Cuisine Solutions pioneered the sous vide cooking method—in which food is slowly cooked in specially designed, vacuum-sealed pouches at precise temperatures—creating a myriad of benefits. With products serving over 30,000 restaurants and retailers, including Starbucks’ sous vide egg bites, Cuisine Solutions is on the vanguard of the meal preparation industry—and the company’s leadership extends beyond its products to its ESG strategy.

In 2022, Bain Capital invested $250 million in Cuisine Solutions. Today, the company continues to exhibit a strong health and safety track record across its many sites—elevating safety through improved ergonomics. The company also focuses on diversity in its recruitment processes, helping ensure its employees have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and partners with local refugee assistance organizations to provide employment opportunities and housing.

Beyond this focus on people, sustainability is also a key pillar of Cuisine Solutions’ ESG strategy. Its environmental commitment can be seen at the company’s San Antonio, Texas facility, which was recognized by Engineering Food Magazine as 2021’s Sustainable Plant of the Year. The site includes one of the largest solar installations in the city, along with stormwater management systems and a water recycling program. The facility also uses natural, non-toxic materials—like compressed earth blocks made from subsoil, clay, and aggregate—to avoid further disrupting its surrounding environment.

Jeff Chung
Leveraging best practices and ESG frameworks from across Bain Capital, we’ve developed a tailored approach for identifying and addressing ESG factors within the diverse set of Special Situations investment opportunities.
Jeff Chung, Managing Director, Special Situations