Facilitating Fair Employment Everywhere

Case Study

At Bain Capital Ventures, we’re advancing fair employment in partnership with Disclo—a technology start-up that makes disability disclosure and accommodation easier for both employees and employers.

Disclo’s software enables employees with disabilities to request accommodations and provide health disclosures to HR teams without having to reveal their specific disability. In helping them understand their rights and fulfill their needs confidentially, the platform helps ensure these individuals feel wholly supported and comfortable at work.

For employers, Disclo verifies disabilities and accommodation requests directly with employees’ medical providers in a way that is designed to guarantee compliance, reducing the risk of expensive lawsuits. It simplifies and streamlines the process through a single portal, with analytics that summarize accommodation costs, disclosure rates, and other key benchmarks.

The result is a better system: one where fair employment is integrated into a workplace thanks to a tool that enables employers to better support their employees’ well-being. As a major contributor to Disclo’s $5 million seed round, our Bain Capital Ventures team is supporting innovation that helps employers meet nearly one billion people with disabilities around the world exactly where they are.

Ajay Agarwal
We believe people are essential to the long-term success of the early stage start-ups that we fund. That’s why creating growth opportunities and keeping employees engaged is so vital. We see a real opportunity to support founders and leaders in building great cultures that promote employee growth and well-being.
Ajay Agarwal, Co-Head of Ventures