Living and Breathing Diversity in the Office and on the Field

Case Study

When it comes to elevating diversity in the world of sports, Hudl is working to level the playing field—starting with its own business. The technology company, which first received investment from the Bain Capital Tech Opportunities team in 2020, is a global leader in sports video analysis and scouting technology solutions. But it’s also not afraid to turn the camera on itself by diligently examining its own progress across diversity and inclusion—and striving to push it even further.

In an industry historically dominated by men, Hudl actively monitors gender across the company by reviewing the percentage of women and gender-non-conforming team members from various angles, including by role type, level, and more. The company’s annual reporting—which it has made public since 2020—is all in service of delivering substantive changes that push toward dramatically increasing overall representation of these two groups. From participating in recruiting events for female talent to extending benefits that can be especially helpful for women and gender-non-conforming individuals, such as parental leave, day care services, and family-forming benefits, Hudl is making moves to make inclusivity real.

Hudl’s commitment to reaching exceptional diversity, equity, and inclusion standards within the company also acknowledges the roles that race, age, neurodiversity, and (dis)ability status play alongside gender. Hudl’s data-driven approach has helped it build a comprehensive DEI strategy it’s putting into action now. Part of this approach involves continually analyzing wage and benefit equity across the company. Outside of the office, Hudl has maintained its commitment to support social causes affecting athletes everywhere through advocacy, grantmaking, and volunteering. At Bain Capital, we feel incredibly fortunate to have partnered with a company that refuses to simply “stick to sports” and works to make every day better than their best.

Philip Meicler
We're excited to be deeply integrating our core ESG principles into our investment and portfolio management efforts—and to be supporting firm-wide progress in this critical area.
Philip Meicler, Co-Head of Tech Opportunities