Innovative Solutions for a More Sustainable Tomorrow

Case Study

Lithos Carbon—one of our most recent Bain Capital Ventures portfolio companies—feels the same. This start-up harnesses the power of science to not only fight climate change via carbon capture on farms, but also to decrease its customers’ spending and improve their crop yields.

Unlike other carbon capture technologies that pull CO2 directly out of the air, Lithos applies upcycled crushed basalt over fields of farmland to accelerate a natural process called “enhanced rock weathering.” When this material interacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide and rainwater, it transforms harmful CO2 into a collection of innocuous compounds.

Lithos tracks all the carbon removed and sells the reductions as carbon credits. It provides farmers with a share of these payments, but the real benefit lies in the efficacy of the approach. The basalt can replace expensive limestone needed to deacidify soil and also delivers nutrients that can elevate crop production by as much as 47%.

The entire process results in a win-win-win: benefiting the earth by reducing carbon, supporting farmers through efficient, cost-saving offerings, and solidifying Lithos’ own balance sheet.

Matt Harris
Our founders are passionate about bringing and accelerating new ideas to the market. At every stage, we partner with founders to help them realize their vision and to scale businesses that achieve sustained growth.
Matt Harris, Partner, Ventures