Investing to Ignite DEI Across the Wider Business Landscape

Case Study

In recent years, DEI has become a major corporate priority. Yet, even as more companies strive to make progress, diversity ambitions often fall short. According to a Deloitte study, 76% of executives surveyed hadn’t set diversity goals; of those who had, nearly 50% were not confident they would meet them.

Across this landscape, technology start-up Mathison sees an opportunity to make diversity more actionable. And at Bain Capital, we recognized a compelling investment opportunity.

Mathison’s pioneering product is an end-to- end DEI platform for building more equitable and inclusive workplaces. The software uses technology to help HR professionals and executives measure, benchmark, and take action on their DEI initiatives with a data- backed approach. It helps organizations improve pipeline representation in sourcing, identify areas of focus for training, and provides tools for reducing bias at work.

In the spring of 2021, we led Mathison’s $4.2-million seed-round funding. Since then, Mathison has sourced more than 100,000 underrepresented candidates and engaged over 15,000 employees in DEI training. In setting the stage for Mathison’s success and ongoing impact, our team at Bain Capital is living our own commitment to DEI—and making it more achievable for others, too.