Enabling the Circular Economy

Case Study

Reconomy Group is an innovative service provider that promotes a circular economy and strives to create a truly sustainable world by conserving finite resources. Whether by helping its customers recycle and achieve zero waste, solving complex environmental regulatory challenges with data that increases accountability, or providing intelligent platforms and logistics to deliver a more sustainable omni-channel pre-retail and returns experience: Reconomy Group delivers technology that empowers other businesses around the world to improve their ESG outcomes.

An investment within Bain Capital’s Private Credit portfolio, Reconomy Group delivers unique technology-enabled services across three verticals: Recycle, Comply, and Re-use. Together, these offerings create a single, sustainability platform that helps leading global brands conserve critical resources. Harnessing its years of experience supporting companies of all sizes across industries, as well as its deep knowledge of holistic resource management and sustainability strategy, Reconomy Group designs bespoke solutions to help its clients succeed.

Since 2018, Reconomy Group has reduced CO2 emissions by 35,000 tonnes, and generated £331 million in social and economic value in over 80 countries. And in 2023, Reconomy Group continued to grow across its three verticals by completing an acquisition of Combineering—a green technology development company with waste recycling and recovery solutions.

By creating a seamless solution to share data and improve operations across its three verticals—and leveraging its specialist resource management expertise—Reconomy Group helps transform its clients’ sustainability ambitions into a genuine competitive advantage and long-term value.