Seeking Out Women-Led Businesses to Support Our Portfolio

Case Study

Venture capital was flush with funding last year, with $238.3 billion allocated to new endeavors in 2022. Yet, women-run startups received just a tiny sliver (1.9%) of this total, according to TechCrunch.

At Bain Capital, we believe that female founders deserve better representation. Our Ventures team makes this philosophy a reality by intentionally investing in companies that reflect gender diversity. We were fortunate to lead the $35-million Series B funding round for soona: a “fast casual” digital content platform that helps brands create high-quality product photos and videos at a fraction of the traditional cost. Founded by Liz Giorgi and Hayley Anderson, soona not only fills an important white space in the market—it also helps us put our commitments into action. Now, thanks to our investment, soona has the resources to invest in its own DEI practices—helping ensure that its hiring is as inclusive as possible.

Scott Friend
Liz Giorgi and her team have built soona’s culture into something that’s truly distinctive and an integral part of the business’ phenomenal success.
Scott Friend, Partner, Ventures