A Vital Player in Sustainable Construction

Case Study

One of the largest distributors of specialty building materials in the United States, US LBM sees protecting the environment through sustainable building practices not only as an opportunity, but also as a responsibility.

To deliver on this environmental dedication, US LBM became the first full-line American building products distributor to join the UN Global Compact. Since then, it has worked to put its green philosophy into practice by making its operations more efficient—and, as a result, more sustainable. For example, US LBM has integrated route planning software to improve efficiency and reduce emissions—currently saving over 800,000 miles driven per year. By streamlining fleet distribution, optimizing material flow to reduce wood waste at its distribution centers, electrifying their operations by piloting electric forklifts, and expanding use of renewable energy by piloting rooftop solar panels at existing facilities, US LBM is continuously finding ways to reduce its emissions and environmental impact.

Beyond its own walls, US LBM takes pride in partnering with industry suppliers who share its eco-conscious mindset. Recognizing the critical role forests play in its products, the company thoroughly verifies its suppliers’ third-party certifications in an effort to ensure that any wood used is sourced sustainably.

US LBM’s products can also help individual consumers make a positive impact on the planet. Its Low-E Windows can lead to a roughly 35% reduction in home energy use, and its high-quality insulation materials can decrease heating and cooling costs by 15%.

Further, US LBM makes employee safety a top priority and has developed a company-wide safety program called, “Keep US Safe.” Through this program, US LBM provides all necessary training, equipment, and resources to create a safe working environment. The company also conducts location-specific analyses to identify operational risks, and implements methodologies and practices to prevent injuries through its “Continuous Improvement” program.

Matt Harris
We build capabilities in our portfolio companies to support business strategy and to deliver on our value creation plan—a key part of this is embedding sustainability. Overall, we’re focused on building great companies that excel in ESG, drive positive outcomes, and make real impact with their employees and in their communities.
David Spiller, Managing Director, Private Equity