A Stand-out Supplier for the World’s Most ESG-oriented Organizations

Case Study

As a leading surface treatment and material processing company, Vitalink is a major supplier to some of the largest and most successful technology companies in the world. Many of these corporations, like Apple, have stringent ESG standards for both themselves and their suppliers. As their peer and partner, Vitalink is equally committed to supporting sustainability with its own ambitious environmental targets and employing industry-leading sustainability practices.

At Bain Capital, our Private Equity team partnered with Vitalink in 2021. Vitalink’s parent company, the Hong-Kong based manufacturer CNInnovations, has a long history of incubating intelligent, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and technologies. And our involvement has helped further advance Vitalink in its specific sustainability initiatives. Since partnering, we have helped form an ESG Committee at the board level, organized ESG trainings and workshops, and provided necessary ESG toolkits to kickstart and empower Vitalink’s ESG journey. We’ve also connected the company with a team at Turbo Net Zero to help identify ESG pain points, develop an ESG strategy, and implement a cohesive sustainability roadmap for the future.

And the future is looking bright. Vitalink has established a decarbonization goal and roadmap to align with the SBTi 1.5°C target to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions 42% by 2031—and reach net zero across its entire value chain by 2050. Vitalink's main strategies to reduce emissions include: efficiency-driven carbon reduction, innovation-driven carbon reduction, deployment of renewable energy, green electricity procurement, advocacy for low-carbon production, and low-carbon collaboration in the supply chain.

Beyond these steps to decrease emissions, Vitalink also promotes circularity and better resource management. It has pledged to monitor 100% of its factories’ energy consumption, obtain 40% of its total water from recycled sources, and reduce waste at the operational level by 50%. We believe these actions and a deep commitment to sustainability are what make Vitalink a preferred supplier for big technology and consumer companies, with even bigger ESG goals.

With a strong belief that sustainability is essential for long-term success and value creation, Bain Capital empowered us to take incremental steps towards progress and achieve tangible results.
Vitalink and Turbo Net Zero Joint Team