Driving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Case Study

ADT Pizza, a Pizza Hut franchisee with 200 locations across the Southeast and Southwest United States, is an investment within our Private Credit Group. ADT Pizza’s board and management team are focused on effective governance and holistic ESG strategies. Senior leadership has been motivated to improve diverse representation across its workforce and enhance employee well-being and benefits. At the corporate level in 2021, the company created and filled a new senior management position, Head of Human Resources, whose responsibilities include oversight and advancement of ADT Pizza’s DEI strategy. The company has also emphasized diversity as a consideration for senior management promotions and hires. At the restaurant level, ADT Pizza embeds diversity in its recruiting processes and has established partnerships and initiatives to include persons with disabilities, refugees and previously incarcerated individuals in recruitment pipelines.

ADT Pizza has ambitious plans to develop leadership pipelines and provide opportunities of upward mobility for diverse restaurant employees with potential to advance to more senior positions. Further, to better support team members from lower income backgrounds, the company is exploring an expansion of its benefits to provide low-cost healthcare alternatives to uninsured employees. Our Credit team continues to work in close partnership with ADT Pizza and its Chief Executive Officer in advancing the company’s ESG efforts.

Carolyn Hastings
We engage with our portfolio companies on material ESG topics and, where possible, partner with and support management teams in the development of their ESG strategies.
Carolyn Hastings, Managing Director, Credit