Repurposing wasted energy to fuel the growing demand for computational power

Case Study

Crusoe is on a mission to align the future of computation with the future of the climate. By repurposing otherwise wasted energy, Crusoe fuels the growing demand for computational power and advanced computing systems, such as digital currency mining, artificial intelligence and deep learning, rendering and computing intensive research. In doing this, the company provides oil and gas companies with a fast, low cost and simple solution to natural gas flaring, a major cause of waste and emissions in the oil production process. As the industry works to address infrastructure constraints and increasing environmental standards around flaring and emissions, Crusoe is navigating a more sustainable solution that reduces CO2e emissions by up to 63%. Crusoe's patented Digital Flare Mitigation® reduces carbon emissions released into the atmosphere avoiding more carbon emissions per dollar spent than installing new wind and solar power project.

Crusoe unlocks value from wasted energy with computation by capturing flare gas with their patented Digital Flare Mitigation® systems. Relative to continued flaring, this technology eliminate emissions up to:


In addition to the company’s environmentally conscious mission, Crusoe incorporates strong ESG principles to enhance work environments, idea generation and employee engagement. Crusoe has five core values, each grounded in a set of actionable practices:

  • Cultivate an idea meritocracy
  • Think like a mountaineer
  • Relentless commitment to resource efficiency • Tap into the collective genius
  • Be and become your best self

The combination of philosophical values and actionable practices creates a decision-making framework for each employee to achieve success at Crusoe.

Carolyn Hastings
Strong ESG management is more important than ever – as we navigate the climate crisis and strive for increased diversity, innovation and sustainability need to go hand in hand.
Matt Harris, Managing Director, Ventures