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Responsible Business Snapshots: Bain Capital Private Equity

Consolidated Container Company: becoming an industry leader in recycled plastic bottles

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Consolidated Container Company (CCC) makes packaging for products that many of us use every day – bottled water, laundry detergent, and milk cartons are just a few examples.


One of CCC’s customers is Seventh Generation—a certified B corporation that produces plant-based household products that are better for people and the environment. Seventh Generation wanted its product packaging to live up to its goal to be better for the planet, so it asked CCC’s designers if they could create containers that were made of 100 percent recycled plastic.

CCC’s team rose to the challenge and produced the company’s first line of bottles with 100 percent PCR (post-consumer regrind) content, becoming one of the world’s first to do so. The bottles are also designed to be able to be recycled again.

CCC also worked with customer Greenshield Organic, which manufactures the leading line of USDA certified organic household products in the U.S. Greenshield was also concerned that its packaging be as sustainable as possible, so CCC created a line of containers made from half recycled resin and half sugarcane ethanol, which is a carbon negative source material. The bottles are also 100 percent recyclable.

CCC now produces containers with some of the highest percentages of post-consumer recycled content in the industry. The company is also experimenting with how to reduce the amount of plastic it uses in its products, through innovations such as the Dura-Lite bottle, which maintains the strength needed to withstand production lines, shipping, and consumer use, but uses less resin per bottle, which reduces weight and waste.

CCC also recently acquired Envision Plastics, a leader in the recycled and custom compounded post-consumer resin business that recycles plastics back into resin to use in new products, which will enable the company to continue to innovate on sustainability and meet the needs of its customers. Bain Capital exited its investment in Consolidated Container in May 2017.

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ESG snapshots

Many of the portfolio companies across Bain Capital’s business units operate leading-edge environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives that have benefited employees, communities, and the bottom line. Below are just a few examples of the work that portfolio companies are doing to promote diversity, increase sustainable sourcing and product development, and improve strategic philanthropy.