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Responsible Business Snapshots: Bain Capital Private Equity

Genpact: Committed to diversity and inclusion worldwide

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In 2013, acting on data that its business units with more women in leadership outperformed the others, global business process management leader Genpact set an ambitious goal: 50 percent women employees at the company, including in leadership positions and on the board. To work toward this goal, Genpact focused on three verticals: hiring, training, and promotion.


Genpact’s managers complete unconscious bias training, and diversity targets are included in their performance reviews. Genpact also provides leadership development programs, including structured mentoring and sponsorship for high-potential women; a women’s networking forum; and the Education at Work program, which helps employees pursue MBAs or functional training. 

The company also offers flexible schedules, job sharing, onsite daycare, and other support services for parents, and it started a “Career 2.0” program, which helps women come back to work after they have taken time off to raise children or care for family.

Genpact has developed partnerships with a number of organizations that are helping to level the playing field for women. In 2015, it partnered with Ashoka University to launch the Genpact Center for Women’s Leadership, which undertakes research and advocacy for gender equality in India. 

Genpact has also partnered with Catalyst, the Center for Talent Innovation, the National Center for Women and Information Technology, and the 30 Percent Club to continue to innovate on best practices and contribute to the growing commitment to hire, retain, and promote great women worldwide.

Genpact’s strategy is bearing fruit. Women now make up 39 percent of Genpact’s global workforce, with 25 percent women in leadership positions, including the board of directors. But President and CEO Tiger Tyagarajan knows there is more work to do, and he has continued to push his company toward its goal, because he believes that Genpact is a stronger company if it is a more diverse one.

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ESG snapshots

Many of the portfolio companies across Bain Capital’s business units operate leading-edge environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives that have benefited employees, communities, and the bottom line. Below are just a few examples of the work that portfolio companies are doing to promote diversity, increase sustainable sourcing and product development, and improve strategic philanthropy.