Grupo NotreDame Intermedica (GNDI)
COVID-19 Response

Opened a hospital in Brazil fully dedicated to COVID-19, and dedicated areas in ten of its Private Clinical Centers/ERs for the testing and treatment of high-risk patients

In just two months, Grupo Notre Dame Intermedica opened a hospital in Sao Paolo, Brazil, fully dedicated to COVID-19, and prepared and dedicated ten Clinical Centers in its private network to be used exclusively to screen and treat affected patients. The areas are purposely constructed to reduce unnecessary exposure to the virus and offer more security to caregivers and patients.

The organization aims to reduce exposure to COVID-19 with dedicated medical areas for the testing and treatment of the disease.

Photo: Reopened the ABC Intermédica Hospital in São Bernardo do Campo. The Group's Own Network Unit is dedicated to the care of the most serious cases related to coronavirus, which require hospitalization

About Grupo NotreDame Intermedica (GNDI)

GNDI is one of the largest operators of health plans in Brazil. It offers integrated medical plans through its own network of hospitals, clinics, preventive care and laboratories. It is also a leader in dental plans through its Interodonto brand.


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