Working together to fight COVID-19 and help our communities

The escalation of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has deeply impacted all of our lives in ways we never thought possible, and our hearts go out to all those who have been directly affected. Bain Capital is proud of the extraordinary efforts and actions of our portfolio companies around the world in responding to the fight against this unprecedented health crisis.
Through a wide variety of initiatives, our portfolio companies and their people are achieving impact by repositioning their existing resources to meet emergency response needs, creating programs to support their employees, supporting the communities where they live and work, and tackling evolving longer-term needs.

Manufacturing more than 800,000 critical components for ventilators

Rapidly deployed telehealth solutions to schools and their families while physical locations are closed

Supporting impacted customers through several proactive initiatives

Mobilized garment repairs team to produce 80,000+ non-medical protective masks for the general public and continued to implement comprehensive garment disinfecting policy for customers

Safely and effectively providing life-sustaining treatments for End Stage Renal Disease patients through heightened infection control protocols

Empowering small businesses, healthcare teams, and frontline workers with software tools, HR help, and resources at no cost

Supporting small merchants in establishing an online sales channel during lock-down

Producing critically needed PPE for senior care facilities

Answering the call with employee donations of skills, critical PPE and food supplies

Record-setting production of 1.2 billion doses of pharmaceuticals and allocation of medical supplies to healthcare facilities across Europe

Supporting frontline workers and vulnerable communities with continued essential childcare services

Equipping school-based special education teams with clinical training and access to award-winning teletherapy platform so they can continue to provide critical services to special education students at home

Acting on Rodeo Dental’s core value – #DoTheRightThing

Mobilizing to create the “Stay Home” advertising campaign at a critical juncture in Japan’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19

#DoingOurPart by innovating new filtered paper products and donating supplies to families

Resupplying ultrasound components to assist in lung scans for COVID-19 patients

Contributed $1 million worth of fabric—enough to create 750,000 masks—to more than 70 organizations supplying front line workers

Protecting employees as they continue delivering in demand disposables, cleaning and sanitizing products to critical healthcare and food service organizations

Donating materials to build critical healthcare infrastructure

Mobilized the donation of masks to French hospitals and re-directed glass windshields and protective vehicle coverings for use in protecting frontline workers

Provided immediate financial assistance to vulnerable communities in China and free online courses to over 100,000 students

Donating masks, disinfection supplies and local resources to healthcare facilities, public institutions and vulnerable communities across Europe and Asia

Quickly acted to adapt its manufacturing and supply chain to meet a goal of producing components for up to 200,000 air-purifying respiratory systems for healthcare workers

Providing select software products free of charge to existing customers to assist over 5,000 public safety agencies with emergency response throughout the pandemic

Producing thousands of masks globally while adapting to create virtual experiences for students nationwide

Deploying its MAPS technology to advance COVID-19 vaccine development

Partnering with the French government to launch StopCOVID19, a marketplace platform that facilitates the distribution of essential healthcare supplies to health professionals and public institutions

Providing financial help and distributing PPE and hygiene kits to strengthen national relief efforts

Donating materials to build critical healthcare infrastructure

Directly supporting frontline hospitals in Wittur communities

Formed five partnerships with biotech companies, NGOs and academic institutions to utilize its vaccine adjuvant CpG 1018in the development of COVID-19 vaccines

Recognizing the efforts of frontline healthcare workers, first responders and military with a discount of €3,000 on all home purchases

Quickly mobilized the donation of 6.5MRMB in air purification equipment to critically affected Chinese communities

Opened a hospital in Brazil fully dedicated to COVID-19, and dedicated areas in ten of its Private Clinical Centers/ERs for the testing and treatment of high-risk patients

As part of the Canada Goose Response Program, engaging 600 employees to manufacture and deliver 1.6 million pieces of medical grade PPE at cost to frontline healthcare workers

Tripling production volume to provide 1,500 hospitals with life-sustaining sedation, blood pressure support and anesthesia medications

Equipping 1,000 financially vulnerable individuals with free cloud skills education software and lowering the cost of learning for all

Industrial designers produce face shields for healthcare heroes and team members working every day to keep ATG manufacturing and distribution running; China sets up new mask production line to respond to local PPE needs

Increased product supply for disinfectants and sanitizers by 8x to keep up with the rise in demand from essential businesses and organizations supporting local communities

Powering the next breakthrough with 36 studies to advance vaccines and therapeutics to treat coronavirus as well as the launch of a novel information gathering portal with more than 50 reports to date

Donated 3,000 units of hand sanitizer to a vulnerable community in South Korea

Engaging distribution networks to deliver critical PPE and N95 masks to healthcare organizations

Safely escalating the delivery of emergency care and equipment to residents and caregivers at vulnerable long-term care facilities

Equipping companies around the globe, including NYCEDC and 3M, with data to track supply chains, forecast disruptions and more efficiently deliver needed goods

Helping manufacturers scale and retool production to increase the output of essential items including masks, PPE and ventilators

Providing the educational resources children need to engage in skills and educational development to support remote learning during COVID-19

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