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COVID-19 Response

Tripling production volume to provide 1,500 hospitals with life-sustaining sedation, blood pressure support and anesthesia medications

Unparalleled Production for Unparalleled Times

QuVa quickly tripled the production of critical sedation, blood pressure support and anesthesia medications to aid the treatment of patients in ICU at over 1,500 hospitals across the U.S. The company is also reimbursing all childcare expenses for dedicated staff who are working to produce these high-demand pharmaceuticals.

Featured article: Associated Press

Next potential shortage: Drugs needed to run ventilators

QuVa Pharma, a drug compounding business that makes drugs for hospitals nationwide, also received a higher ceiling for making fentanyl and hydromorphone and expects to begin shipping more of those drugs directly to hospitals starting April 20, said co-founder Peter Jenkins. The Houston-based company aims to make two to three times its normal volume of those drugs while manufacturing extra sedatives and paralytic drugs, plus one to boost blood pressure in COVID-19 patients, said Jenkins.”

About QuVa Pharma

QuVa Pharma is a partner of choice for healthcare facilities seeking to ensure a quality, safe and consistent supply of medications.

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