COVID-19 Response

Safely escalating the delivery of emergency care and equipment to residents and caregivers at vulnerable long-term care facilities

Continued delivery of emergency equipment and care

HealthDrive’s specialty care providers understand that audiology, dental, podiatry and optometry emergencies can’t wait despite challenging patient access at critically vulnerable long-term care facilities. For example:

  • Dental health providers are responding to triage calls within two hours and providing onsite emergency care within 48 hours
  • Optometry providers have focused on care for patients with diseases that require active monitoring and responded daily to ensure critical eye ware is available and functional in a timely manner
  • Audiology providers are prioritizing hearing aid orders, which are critical for patients looking to to communicate with family and loved ones via phone calls and video conferencing

Making caregiver behavioral health a priority

HealthDrive’s behavioral health providers volunteered to facilitate a telehealth therapy service to any partner provider or staff member at the company, ensuring that mental health is a priority. The behavioral team took this a step further by reaching out to many of HealthDrive’s corporate nursing home partners to offer their staff telehealth therapy services as well.

About HealthDrive

HealthDrive is a specialty provider of on-site dentistry, optometry, podiatry, and audiology to residents in long-term care, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities.


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