Strategic Investors Focused

on Lasting Impact

The innovative businesses we back solve important problems for customers all over the world. When we have the privilege to invest, we aspire to leave every company better as a result of our involvement.

We work with founders and management teams to support a company vision and product roadmap that aims to create long-run success, not short-lived profits. Business strategy is the fundamental building block for the durable value creation that we seek for our companies. This often starts with a view that our businesses can be much larger than conventional thinking might accept, and it leads us to fund and support unconventional growth investments.

We help our management teams navigate through crucial strategic decisions in complex, rapidly evolving industries. We care deeply about understanding the customer, competitive and market context for our companies. We recognize that change is a constant in the technology world, and we support tech leaders investing behind this change with conviction.

Our long-term approach has a proven track record of lasting impact. Companies that partner with Bain Capital tend to outperform during and after our ownership. They sustain progress. They bring the future closer to reality. And they stand the test of time.



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