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Technology is a global business and Bain Capital is a truly global investment platform, which makes us a strong partner to emerging and established tech leaders no matter where they are. With 23 offices in all major markets around the world, we have long understood that innovative ideas can come from any geography and deliver value to domestic and foreign customers alike. Bain Capital has a long track record of bringing a collaborative, cross-border orientation to bear in order to help accelerate the growth of technology champions in the Americas, Europe, and APAC.


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There are global firms, and then there are really, really global firms. You have to have the overall global vision, but you also need local relationships to pull the right levers to get the deal done and help companies on the ground. You also need the right technology credentials or the global profile won’t matter. There aren’t many firms like Bain Capital that have all those attributes

David Gross-Loh
Partner, Bain Capital

Enabling Tech in a Globalized World

Two recent investments in Japan exemplify Bain Capital’s global approach to technology investing. What gives us an edge in Japan is similar to what gives us an edge everywhere we operate - a global mindset, capabilities that help our partner tech companies grow across borders, an embrace of local complexities, and an interconnected global Bain Capital platform composed of local investors and operating professionals.


The partner of choice in a complex Toshiba carve-out

Toshiba Memory (now Kioxia) is a leading producer in the flash memory sector, having invented the world’s first NAND flash memory in 1987. When Toshiba decided to sell its prized chip unit, Bain Capital leveraged its deep local knowledge and broad global reach to execute a highly complex deal.


Next-generation payments & eCommerce in Japan

Bain Capital identified a leading e-commerce and payments company in Japan and applied its global expertise in the sector to help position the company for success in a growing Japanese market for digital payments.