Internet and Consumer Tech

Despite the seeming ubiquity of e-commerce around us, the consumer sector is still in the early stages of a long shift toward buying goods and services over the internet. Bain Capital has been a major investor in internet-enabled commerce over the past 20 years and will continue to be a transformative partner to e-commerce innovators over the coming decades of hyper-growth.


Internet & Consumer Tech investments

We have many unfair advantages as investors in consumer tech as a result of our years of domain experience and our global reach in this space. For example, BCV Partner Scott Friend has been a leading entrepreneur and investor in the commerce-tech ecosystem his whole career. His knowledge of the domain, in combination with Bain Capital’s wide variety of investments in brands and retailers around the globe, creates a platform for founders and companies we back that is unrivaled.

Merritt Hummer
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

Delighting Customers and Delivering Value

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer looking to build an online presence or a digital-first consumer subscription business, technology and the Internet, specifically, is central to how the consumer will buy your products and services. Bain Capital invests in both the digital retail and consumer brands known around the world and in the technology companies that power these businesses to operational success. The expansiveness of our approach gives us the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices with our companies in the space and help them on their growth journeys.


Providing brands with enhanced e-commerce marketplaces

The success of Mirakl is the story of the battle for consumer traffic among e-commerce sites. Mirakl, founded in Paris in 2007, helps brands, retailers and wholesalers of all types establish and run third-party marketplaces, offering their customers a broader selection of items from other sellers who pay a fee to sell in the marketplace.


A fleet of mobile restaurants with a disruptive new business model

Bain Capital views radical business model innovations as highly exciting investment opportunities, just as important for delivering lasting value for the world as software solutions that automate business processes or consumer apps that change how we interact with one another. As such, we have not shied away from technology investments where success hinges on inventing, developing and scaling complex logistical operations that transform industries.