Engaged Growth Partners

with Deep Operational Capabilities

Bain Capital has extensive capabilities that meet the needs of high-performing tech companies.

Entrepreneurs and innovators have no shortage of potential partners. We believe it takes much more than capital to enable success in technology. And Bain Capital provides much more: access to a global platform, resources and talent that help our businesses grow faster and smarter than the competition.

The scope of our platform, among the largest private investment firms in the world, benefits all our companies. Local relationships required to expand into an international market, unique insight from potential customers in a new end-market and the right approach to developing an emerging product line -- we’re here to help your business grow.

Attracting and retaining talent in tech is as difficult as it’s ever been. Over the years, Bain Capital has assembled a diverse talent network of outstanding operators. Our technology companies tap into this network to fill key roles with high-impact hires.

We also support our portfolio companies in their most important growth initiatives. The Bain Capital Portfolio Group, our dedicated team of more than 115 operating professionals, has decades of deep functional and industry experience. Across product, go-to-market, talent, M&A and capital markets domains, we have experienced team members that help our companies to compound growth at scale.




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Hiring and Retaining Human Capital


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