Horizontal Solutions

The software that powers business operations is changing rapidly. Cloud-based delivery, new workflows for remote and global teams, embedded financial services, and developer and customer-led go-to-market motions are becoming the norm. New applications are integrating AI and harnessing the explosion of business data, enabling better decision making while modernizing legacy processes and supply chains.

As a leading SaaS and application software investor, Bain Capital works with portfolio companies to unlock networks of new customers, take products and services across borders, and develop product-led growth strategies. We partner with companies with a sustainable technology advantage, support them in developing a strategic plan, and assist with key inflection points, such as a major new product launch, a strategic acquisition, or an IPO.


Horizontal Solution Investments

Application Software Coverage Areas
Horizontal SaaS

Today’s application software companies are evolving their business models and go-to-market strategies, making it an exciting time to be an investor. From delivering low-cost customer acquisition through open APIs and product-led growth, to growing addressable markets by adding financial services revenue, we thrive on helping business software companies navigate this changing landscape.

Ajay Agarwal
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

Scaling Up Product Advantages

As part of Bain Capital’s culture of supporting unconventional thinking, we look for software solutions that have potential advantages overlooked by the market, and perhaps even overlooked by the original developers. We have a long track record of understanding the product advantages of software businesses and partnering with innovative management teams to press those advantages in the service of scaled growth.


A trusted team and a providential pivot

With the right founders, prior success can be a leading indicator of future success but not an excuse to rubber-stamp ideas. The Attentive story shows how Bain Capital kept close ties to a winning team of innovators but challenged them to make their next technology business plan more unconventional.


Unleashing a promising Japanese HR software business after carving out from corporate parent

Bain Capital Private Equity’s carve-out of Japan’s Works Human Intelligence demonstrates our consistent ability to help build successful companies anywhere in the world, especially in highly complex business situations.