Vertical Software

To understand vertical software, you need to understand the vertical. It’s a simple premise, but one that has significant implications for businesses looking for the best investment partner.

For decades, Bain Capital has supported businesses building vertical software by pairing its technology expertise with its deep insights into the operations of the world’s most important industries. When combined, those skills allow Bain Capital to help vertical software providers to grow, deliver better solutions and, ultimately, create greater value for customers.

That reality has made vertical software Bain Capital’s most active category of technology investing to date, a commitment that will endure well into the future.


Vertical Software Investments

End Markets our Portfolio Companies Service
Public Sector
Real Estate

It’s in our DNA - we understand what it takes to build a vertical software leader. We’ve done it many times before. We’re focused on the long-term, on investing to create real innovation, real product leadership and real sales leadership. These create real growth opportunity over time.

Scott Kirk
Partner, Bain Capital Tech Opportunities

Creating SaaS Market Leaders

Bain Capital’s successes in vertical software are testament to our deep expertise in both software and the end-markets targeted by specialist software innovators. Our partnership approach to creating lasting impact in these industries has an impressive track record, and we’re just getting started.


Software success in a vertical market

Bain Capital’s successful partnership with Vertafore illustrates the importance of quickly building the right team around the right leader, and of the growth that can emerge as a result.


A software business with a strong foundation poised to lead a digital transformation of the residential construction industry

The foundation of Bain Capital’s investment in Buildertrend is deep experience in both SMB software ecosystems and the construction industry, a massive sub-sector that is in the early innings of technology adoption.