Bain Capital partners with cybersecurity innovators to solve business challenges around the world. As global interconnectedness accelerates and nation states build up their offensive and defensive capabilities, cybersecurity has only grown in importance and remains a central focus of our technology investing strategy. With a culture that embraces complexity and shares knowledge across our network of business builders, we will continue to invest behind the multi-decade evolution of the cybersecurity market that quietly protects the world’s IT infrastructure.


Cybersecurity investments

We have folks who have spent 30 years in the cybersecurity market, so this is not some passing, external interest. We also know how to get embedded and add value to cyber businesses, helping build out a sales team, scaling up the organization, and delivering best-in-class products. We stay engaged for the whole journey.

Enrique Salem
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
Former CEO, Symantec (now NortonLifeLock)

Protecting Enterprises in a Digital-First World

Well before breaches became headline news, Bain Capital identified cybersecurity as a mission-critical technology sector and highly attractive secular growth theme. We have conviction that there is a clear ongoing need for investment in a growing layer of security technology that enables corporate IT environments to stay ahead of bad actors. Time and time again, Bain Capital has invested significant resources, both financial and operational, to help cybersecurity entrepreneurs build this emerging technology stack and protect their customers with innovative cyber solutions.


The growth journey of a cybersecurity giant

In 2015, the Bain Capital team saw in Blue Coat a cybersecurity category leader that could likely be a natural starting point for an ambitious expansion into many other cyber solutions. This vision led us to execute a series of combinations that would create the world’s largest cybersecurity company.


A collaborative breakthrough on the ‘cyber kill chain’

The unfolding story of the partnership between Attivo and Bain Capital is one of mutual deep expertise in cybersecurity and seamless collaboration to create a technology that stops malicious hackers in their attempts to exploit IT systems and exfiltrate data.