Building Next-Generation Tech

New technologies are accelerating change across the globe. Even more striking is the pace of change within the technology sector itself, where continuous disruption renders static plans unworkable. We help our partners thrive amidst all of this change and complexity. Across all major industries and geographies, we have repeatedly found success with our companies in jointly uncovering opportunities to build products and services ahead of emerging demand. The ability to dive deep into a company’s product strategy and work with leadership to support a product-led growth roadmap is one of our key differentiators. It’s what creates durable value for customers, and it’s what makes our companies grow into the future.


We have a partnership-based approach, which isn’t templated. We are laser-focused on the key two or three initiatives that are critical for driving value and creating market-leading companies. We are a great partner for taking an asset with a really interesting, compelling value proposition for its customers, and transforming it holistically to reach its full potential.

Rama Naageswaran
Operating Partner, Bain Capital Private Equity

Case Study

Building a stickier offering for construction companies

Software collaboration tools have changed the way businesses operate fundamentally. In labor-intensive industries that made limited use of technology historically, like construction, software creates tremendous efficiency gains for all stakeholders.