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The IT services market is massive and growing rapidly, encompassing many companies that deliver a wide-range of technology-related services to business customers. We have found that the most innovative of these companies stay ahead of the technology curve, benefitting from the unstoppable megatrends, like analog-to-digital transformation and the shift from on-prem-based to cloud-based technologies. Most enterprises do not and will not have the technical talent and know-how required to achieve their technology objectives, so they will increasingly turn to partners to get them where they need to be. In light of these trends, Bain Capital is focused on backing best-in-class IT services leaders around the world and helping them capture this growth opportunity.


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Because we have strong expectations of growth in the sector, we are able to underwrite more change than other investment groups investing in IT services. If a management team wants to accelerate the trajectory of its business, our pitch is: it’s not about how much capital you need, but about picking the highest-return and most strategic areas to invest behind, and how to get your business to that next level.

Luca Bassi
Partner, Bain Capital Private Equity

Driving Digital Transformation

IT services companies have been at the forefront of enterprise digital transformation. Bain Capital has had the privilege of investing in and supporting many of the cutting-edge providers over the last decade. Our track record in the sector underscores our conviction in the future of high-quality IT services businesses, which many conventional investors have lacked. Our experiences also show the flexibility of our global mandate in building bespoke, long-lasting partnerships with these companies as they outperform their competition.


Primed to be the Italian digital transformation champion

Bain Capital has made significant investments intechservices, as we have come to appreciate their potential as a channel to support the multi-decade digital transformation megatrend. Betechthe gradual diffusion of process automation or cloud-delivered technologies, enterprises are hungry for a helping hand as they digitize. Our global investments in the sector, including Genpact and Brillio, have served exactly this role.


A global IT player becomes more global

In 2013, Genpact, then headquartered in India, was already a major provider of business and technology services around the world. The former back-office division of General Electric had 3,000 employees and was publicly listed in the US. Bain Capital saw an opportunity for Genpact to go further, be more global, be more ambitious. And we didn’t need to take the company private to reach those goals.