Hiring and Retaining Human Capital

Having worked with hundreds of founders and management teams since our inception, we have demonstrated repeatedly that a highly motivated founder paired with a high-performing team is hard to beat. A rigorously designed and vetted team can positively inflect the growth trajectory of a company. With dedicated, in-house human capital experts and resources, as well as a cross-industry perspective, we help the leadership teams of our portfolio companies hire, train and retain the best talent in their industries. We bring to bear the human capital insights accumulated from decades of partnering with leading companies across all stages of growth.


Most founder-led companies have grown in a more family-like way. You’re going to have to bring in many different perspectives and different people around you to scale. We have done a lot of work on this crucial transition globally, and we can help you because we have insights into what works and what doesn’t work.

Susan Levine
Partner, Bain Capital Private Equity
Head of Talent, North American Private Equity

Case Study

A trusted team and a growth mindset

Bain Capital’s successful partnership with Vertafore illustrates the importance of quickly building the right team around the right leader, and of the growth that can emerge as a result. The insurance industry is being roiled by digital disruption, and Vertafore offers the tools and solutions to insurance agents, carriers, and MGAs to help them thrive through this transition.