Sales and Marketing

Going to Market with Conviction

In a highly competitive market, technology innovators can easily overlook an inconvenient truth about business building: a high-quality product cannot succeed without market awareness. Having collaborated repeatedly with our companies on goto-market plans, Bain Capital has extensive technology sales expertise at all stages of growth. When executives at our companies want to rethink how they reach and close prospects, they can tap into our accumulated experience, identify best potential approaches and get help from Bain Capital specialists in implementing changes.

Our know-how is also informed by the other verticals in which Bain Capital invests, including industrial, healthcare, consumer and financial and business services, which are often end-markets for our technology companies. We particularly draw from our consumer-facing businesses, where customer engagement takes place on an ever-expanding digital frontier. Our teams help growing companies better understand their own strengths and stories and present these to the market in a way that moves existing and potential customers into action.


If IT decision-makers aren’t aware of an offering, they obviously won’t buy it. Lack of top-of-funnel awareness hinders all of the go-to-market motion – it’s harder to get meetings for sales, harder to get emails opened. We are experienced at partnering with management to take a superior product solution, which may not yet be well known nor well understood in an end-market, and creating a sense of awareness and relevance with end-customers. And tying this to disciplined and high-performance pipeline conversion.

Matt Freeman
Partner, Bain Capital Private Equity

Case Study

Optimized for scaled growth in the sales function

When Bain Capital came across the opportunity to invest in ExtraHop, an innovative provider of enterprise cybersecurity, we saw a company that had the potential to achieve accelerated growth but was early in its sales and marketing design evolution.