Customer Success

Optimizing Recurring Revenue

In technology, and particularly in software, customer retention and recurring revenues are the core measuring sticks of success. A great deal of time, attention and resources should be focused on understanding the needs of customers and designing a superior, expanding and repeatable form of engagement with them. We have a dedicated team of in-house experts to help our portfolio companies analyze and improve customer journeys. What at first may appear to be modest improvements in customer retention have a compounding effect on the performance of technology businesses, which in turn makes a material impact on the value of the company. An improved approach to customer engagement, when combined with expanded product offerings and go-to-market strategies, can turn a good technology idea into an exceptional technology company.


You first need to define who your ideal customer is, then find a product and packaging that is the best fit for this customer. And then you need to audit your process and remove as much friction as possible from the customer journey. The end result is to move retention numbers up in a permanent and enduring way

Todd Markson
Operating Partner, Bain Capital Tech Opportunities

Case Study

Unleashing a promising Japanese HR software business after carving out from corporate parent

Bain Capital Private Equity’s carve-out of Japan’s Works Human Intelligence demonstrates our consistent ability to help build successful companies anywhere in the world, especially in highly complex business situations.