Financial Technology

No industry is undergoing more technological disruption than financial services, where legacy businesses are increasingly challenged and supplanted by tech-enabled competitors. New vendors have sprung up to help incumbents address these new challengers, but accessing large financial institutions isn’t easy. Compounding the complexities of the sector, new entrants often find that technology prowess alone is not sufficient to meet the regulatory and cross-border issues inherent to delivering financial solutions.

Bain Capital’s global, cross-vertical platform is well positioned to help our portfolio companies fully capture their opportunity set and calmly navigate the challenges along the journey. Bain Capital’s leadership in the financial technology space has its foundation in our early, successful investments in the digital payments space. We pride ourselves on putting a deep knowledge base and network in the space in service of each successive innovator that we’ve backed, from seed-stage to scale..


FinTech investments

We have a deep understanding of technology and can apply a breadth of strategies and tactics that entrepreneurs will need to be successful over the long term. And as a large global firm that collaborates across geographies and pools of capital, we can support the growth of FinTech businesses better than other investors that are more local in nature

Marvin Larbi-Yeboa
Partner, Bain Capital Private Equity

Transforming the Financial System

Bain Capital brings significant and highly differentiated advantages as a value-added partner in the financial technology sector. As one of the longest-tenured investors in the payments and software spaces, our knowledge, relationships, and network in FinTech is unparalleled. We also bring together a unique combination of strategic and operational capabilities, which have enabled us to support FinTech entrepreneurs in their pursuit of rapid and long-lasting growth.


A payments specialist that did not stay in its lane

In Flywire, where most market participants saw a solid business in a comfortable niche, Bain Capital Ventures saw a platform that could grow well beyond its originally narrow scope of the business in its early days.


From bank-owned cost center to independent European payments champion

The creation of Nexi, Europe’s largest payments platform, had its roots in Bain Capital’s 2009 foray into European payments with the carve-out of WorldPay from Royal Bank of Scotland and the 2014 acquisition from Nordic banks of Nets.