Strategy & M&A

Creating Value Through Growth

Technology companies operate in highly dynamic markets. Bain Capital approaches every one of our investments with the goal of helping our management teams identify, refine and execute a growth-oriented corporate strategy to excel in changing industries. This means taking a holistic, bespoke approach that best positions a company to hit its organic growth potential and to catalyze M&A transactions where appropriate.

We recognize that merging one company with another can be both one of the most effective and most challenging ways to expand the capabilities of a business and accelerate growth. Bain Capital has repeatedly backed market leaders with strategic acquisition agendas, helping to map the landscape of potential targets, building a framework for prioritizing M&A objectives, and driving to actionability. Bain Capital also has deep M&A execution experience to support teams in the complex tasks of negotiating transactions, and integrating businesses with distinct histories, systems, and cultures. A thoughtful acquisition strategy incorporates many points of analysis, years of relationship building, and time-tested pattern recognition. Bain Capital brings all of these elements together in a single, powerful platform to help our companies thrive.


We work actively to get ahead of customer needs and help our companies make decisions around M&A based on those needs. A real benefit of Bain Capital is that we’re incredibly focused on what customer demand will be, and on positioning a company in anticipation of that demand. We can help a company assess where it is naturally suited to provide technology at specific endpoints, and how that tech fits into a broader portfolio. And where a gap is evident, strategic M&A comes into play.

Marisa Femenia
Managing Director, Bain Capital Private Equity

Case Study

A software business with a strong foundation poised to lead a digital transformation of the residential construction industry

The foundation of Bain Capital’s investment in Buildertrend is deep experience in both SMB software ecosystems and the construction industry, a massive sub-sector that is in the early innings of technology adoption.