Partnering with an open source pioneer to accelerate its cloud journey



EDB is the leading provider of enterprise software and support in the Postgres database ecosystem


Relational database management systems represent the largest (and one of the most technical) infrastructure software markets in the world. As enterprises rapidly shift workloads from legacy closed-source providers to open source platforms, new winners are emerging. EDB, as the leader in the fast-growing Postgres open source ecosystem, is among them.

Indeed, Postgres is exploding: combined, it now ranks as the most-loved, most-used, and most-wanted database in the world. EDB developers have been responsible for a significant portion of Postgres technical capabilities, but in 2021, the business was still evolving its go-to-market model and product strategy. That year, EDB launched its fully-managed cloud product, creating a moment of inflection its business model, strategic position, and performance potential.

We originally met CEO Ed Boyajian and his team in 2019 when the company was early in its journey. We stayed in close contact with him in the years that followed, tracking the company’s ascent as Postgres gained developer hearts and minds. When Ed and his team began exploring options to raise further capital to support the cloud product’s growth, we were able to successfully position ourselves as capable partners to him and his existing investors.

We completed a majority recapitalization of EDB in 2022, alongside existing investors Great Hill Partners. We are excited to accelerate the company’s performance in the years to come.


The twin tailwinds of open source database adoption and Postgres developer advocacy creates a powerful combination, a fact you can see in EDB’s growth and unit economics. We were eager to support the company accelerating its growth even further by funding a significant investment in its cloud strategy, and are eager to partner with Ed and his team to inflect EDB’s performance even further”

Colin Motley
Managing Director, Bain Capital Private Equity