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The global leader in platform business innovation. Mirakl's suite of solutions provides enterprises with a transformative way to drive significant growth and efficiency in their online business.


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The success of Mirakl is the story of the battle for consumer traffic among e-commerce sites. Mirakl, founded in Paris in 2007, helps brands, retailers and wholesalers of all types establish and run third-party marketplaces, offering their customers a broader selection of items from other sellers who pay a fee to sell in the marketplace.

The Mirakl investment came after a personal introduction to Bain Capital from a board member. As part of our diligence process, we made several introductions to potential retail customers in the Bain Capital family, which had immediate impact for Mirakl and helped build our relationship with the management team. We quickly became convinced that Mirakl offered the strongest solution in the market and was addressing an important, and growing, need for retailers.

The Mirakl team saw in Bain Capital a team of seasoned entrepreneurial player-coaches, as well as our ability to open doors at major prospective customers in the retail, wholesale and manufacturing ecosystems.

Mirakl helps retailers grow, retain and monetize their customer bases, combatting the pull of Amazon by equipping them to run customized third-party marketplaces of their own. The Mirakl-enabled marketplace helps marquee customers like Nordstrom, Kroger and Hudson’s Bay leverage the online traffic they already generate to drive more on-platform buying activity and conversion.

Since Bain Capital’s investment, Mirakl has continued its rapid growth, leveraging our in-house operating expertise to enhance their go-to-market processes. Many startups find that the sales and marketing infrastructure that brought them to one milestone is not sufficient to take them to the next. As with our experience at Mirakl, we believe Bain Capital is well resourced to offer the right support as companies navigate their growth journeys.


As a former founder and company builder in the e-commerce technology space, I had a bit of an advantage vs. other potential investors in building a relationship with Mirakl and quickly demonstrating how our team could be helpful to them. And on top of all that, Mirakl quickly saw first-hand that Bain Capital could open doors for them and help them grow to new heights.

Scott Friend
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures